Entensys: Safe Internet Access, Email Protection, Cloud-Based Solutions

Entensys is an international Internet security software vendor. The development office is located in the Siberian research center “Academic Town”, with research centers of companies like Intel, Parallels and Kaspersky Lab. The Academic Town is one of Russia’s significant preparing centers for qualified analysts and IT specialist.

Since 2001 the company develops small and medium business solutions for Internet connection sharing and network security. Products created by Entensys permit clients to rapidly and effortlessly actualize an acceptable usage policy for Internet access, helping them to enhance benefit, increment security, comply with regulations and decrease administrative difficulties.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall: Security and Control


UserGate 5 Proxy & Firewall Solution


The company is most known for its UserGate Proxy & Firewall. These type of solutions refer to an Internet connection sharing and security solution that protects the local network from Internet-based attacks, provides full-scale network management with user access control, and offers comprehensive traffic monitoring and reporting capabilities.


Entensys offers a wide horizon of solutions systematized under three main branches:

  1. Safe Internet Access – virus and intrusion protection, malicious websites access denial, traffic control, statistics and monitoring;
  2. Email Protection – spam protection, corporate mail management, email archiving;
  3. Cloud-Based Solutions – secure Internet and Email with no extra equipment or software.

Entensys solutions are used by 40,000 organizations, educational institutions and telecom companies all over the world.


Either we talk about military structures, such as Royal Australian Defense Force, governmental structures, such as British Embassy in Havana or monetary structures, such as Federal Bank of Dominican Republic, Entensys can handle anything when it comes to Internet security solutions.

Home use, small and mid-sized business, large enterprises, companies with distributed branch offices, government institutions, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, Internet service providers, just name it, Entensys will handle the issue.


Entensys cooperates extensively with over 1,000 partners in 72 countries, leading information security and antivirus software developers, as well as vendors of URL filtering modules, both in and outside Russia.

Most notable collaborations are with Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security, BrightCloud, Avira and Commtouch.

To conclude, for any type of Internet security issues, Entensys is the right “path” towards a secure technological life.